Alternative European inclusion policies, tools, and methods that promote the exercise of fundamental human rights of migrant people

Since 2008, the Monde des Possibles (MDP) has been developing European projects with partners sharing the common vision of foreigners’ inclusion. The aim is to work on unique social innovations that mobilize new skills and expertise. Furthermore, MDP team members and their trainees are encouraged to learn about alternative European inclusion policies, tools, and methods that promote the exercise of fundamental human rights of migrant people. 

Download our leaflet on all our European projects, present and past (PDF)

The European projects developed by the Monde des Possibles are part of an internationalization strategy consistent with the diversity of Europe’s migration flows. The projects stimulate: 

  • European reflection on socio-professional integration needs of migrants’ specific skillsets (soft skills, values, digital skills, etc.). 
  • Comparison of differing inclusion models within the European Union; the identification of best practices within the framework of a quality approach to social innovation and change. 
  • Knowledge of various strategy implementations to achieve inclusion objectives. This is, in part, done through collaboration with Solidarity Cities rather than with national governments; as they sometimes demonstrate reluctance toward migrant inclusion. 
  • Comparison of partner practices so as to glean adaptable and/or implementable tools and methodologies for our courses and training-session needs.  
  • Support for the mobility of resource persons who are of foreign origin who, within their communities’ diasporas, can network and promote the European Union. 


These European projects have also made it possible to test and create prototypical methods/actions/measures: 

  • otherwise unrealizable in a uniquely-national context.  
  • for which there was no training (management of new problems, adaptation of new standards/regulations, etc.).
  • that bolster staff members’ motivation while honing their skills and creativity on the international stage. 
  • that enable the renewal of professional viewpoints. 
  • which support an assessment culture and quality research. 
  • that encourage the pooling and/or creation of pedagogical resources. 
  • that contribute to the reduction of skepticism felt by some towards the European Union and its programs. 

These projects pertain to labor market inclusion, social economy, financial education, digital arts, migrant parent-school relations, climate protection awareness, advocacy work, recognition of qualifications, mentoring, European citizenship, women’s rights, etc. 

We are on the constant lookout for new Erasmus+, DG Home AMIF, InterReg, and/or H2020 partners. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you! 


Contact person:  

Didier Van der Meeren – Director – – Tel: 0032-497-533-885